Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Getting started to make homemade babyfood

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So this is the type of food processor I have at home to make my baby food. Of course I use it for a variety of other things as well and luckily I need a smaller food processor than my 12-cup one I had already. (I tried to make pesto in the bigger one, but it was too big and I didn't REALLY need that much pesto..haha of course you can freeze pesto the same way you freeze baby food!)
I know that the Baby Bullet is also a great appliance, but I felt that I didn't need to spend the money on something that I felt would be a one function appliance. (I need all the counter space for cooking as I can get! =o)).

I also purchased some ice trays, but these are made for making baby food (I had to "splurge" somewhere haha...). Of course you can use them for making ice as well. The nice thing is that they have a lid so that you can't accidentally put an ice tray in it and spill all the wonderful goodness out into the freezer.

I also purchased these glass jars, from where else but amazon,  because I don't like heating things in the microwave (esp. for baby) in plastic containers. And I love how glass "tupperware" lids click and secure on. I also use glass tupperware for my food storage.

** btw... new moms... Amazon.com is the BEST for buying baby supplies. Join Amazon Mom and you will be set! I buy almost everything I need from there for Lexi, diapers, snacks, wipes, diaper bags, etc.. you name it... I am addicted to amazon.com!

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