Friday, May 25, 2012

Last tip for baby food...

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I have been super busy the past few weeks with a baby shower, work, and all the other things a working mom has to worry about! Its also been really crazy in my house! =o) But I've been trying to think of what else to focus on after all the baby food making has decreased. It's not that I don't make her food anymore, its just not necessarily "baby food".
I'm not sure if I posted this tip a while ago, but there is something else I'd like to add to the Peas post.
To make sure that the puree is really smooth, you can push the puree into a sieve (strainer) so that you get all of the skins off and out of the puree. Sometimes the babies don't like the puree with the skins, and I know they give a tip to make it less noticeable, but I think that taking the time to push the peas into the strainer will make it better.

That's probably the last thing I have to say about baby food that I can think of.

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