Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ain't no thing....=o)

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      So in my last post I mentioned that as a new parent, you should try and take what the doctors say to you lightly. It's funny that I brought that up because I went out to dinner with some mom friends and we were talking about what doctors say to us. It seems that there are many different types of pediatricians. You get the ones who just let your child grow and develop (without much worry instilled in you. They just want to monitor things just in case), the worriers (they are concerned about every "abnormal" characteristic of your child and get you over worried and stressed), the overachievers (they want to see your child at the top of all development and push that they are), and I'm sure there are varying degrees of each one. Luckily, the doctors in my practice are pretty good and don't worry me too much! Not to say that they don't... haha =o). Anyway, I am always concerned about Lexi's height and weight because she has been, and probably always will be, at the bottom end of the spectrum. The first the doctor worried me about her head, because is was small. This was around 9 months. Don't get me wrong, i really like this doctor. But he was just concerned a little and wanted to make sure that her skull was still fragmented for growth. He was very calm and assured me that he was 99% sure that she was just fine and this was a precaution. But as a mom. you can't help but worry just a little. I didn't let myself get too worried and just kept telling my self she's fine. I mean, she was developing mentally just great! After we got the x-ray results back and everything was fine, I sighed a breath of relief. Though in the back of my mind I still was concerned that she was tiny. Again, shes proportional. shes developing great, eating., and she's a girl (you want them a little smaller.. =o)).
      Even though Lexi is still smaller, and weighs less than most babies 5 months and up. even though she is a year old, I'm not as concerned about her size as before. UNTIL I went in for her 1 year check up and the doctor told me she was underweight. Granted, yes she is not even 15 pounds yet, but shes just tall and lean. So we had to get some extra blood work done just to make sure her thyroid and something else was good. And there I go again worrying. Also around this time. Lexi has been picky about her food and not eating as much as she used to. So it just built up upon each other. But let me get to the REAL reason I mentioned this. We went into the bloodwork place and Lexi's name was called. I was thinking that they were going to o the heel prick just like when she had jaundice. Oh Boy was I wrong! The technician said, okay, pull her sleeves up... I was thinking "WTF.. what do you mean BOTH sleeves, Does she mean mine of Lexi's?!?!?!?" She meant Lexi's. So I pulled her sleeves up and the technician comes in with a pediatric needle. OMG was I freaking out..... They actually had to put the needle in her ARM!!!! Let me tell you SHE IS A STRONG child! haha... But since they had to take 4 vials of blood doing the heel prick would have taken ALL WEEK. Well I probably will never forget about this experience and do not look forward to any time she has to get blood drawn. I don't mind it, and I wish I could have taken her place. You feel so bad when they are crying and trying they hardest to wiggle out. =o) None the less, Lexi tested just fine and I am back to 0.1% worrying. =o)

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