Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mom to Mom advice

Print Friendly and PDF Since Lexi is old enough to eat table food, I have been straying away from making food specifically for her. So to keep more ideas flowing to blog about, I'm just going to talk about my trials and errors of motherhood =o) I know that sharing my frustrations and accomplishments with people makes me feel so much better, most of the time! haha.

My one BIG advice to new (and experienced) moms is to get a moms group or just have a few girls, who are moms, that you can turn and talk about your experiences with. I have found my group through signing up for a moms class at the hospital I gave birth at. Let me tell you, it was the BEST decision I have ever made. We get together and talk about our kids and just have some "mom" time. It is the BEST! haha. Some of the girls read this blog as well, HI GIRLS! =o). It is so much better to know that someone, some people, somewhere is going through the same things you are.

Anyway. Getting on to the real topic. Throughout the baby's first year, they have plenty of doctors visits for check-ups and also those dreaded, especially the first, sick visit. I'm always sure that Lexi is doing fine developmentally and physically, but you never know what the doctor will tell you.

Lexi has always been on the smaller end of the spectrum when it came to the three major measurements, height, weight, and head circumference. We have never been too worried about her since her development has been right on schedule if not a little ahead. But it didn't worry me more till the doctor mentioned something at her 9 month appointment. Her head was measuring a little small and he wanted to get an x-ray of her head. He wanted to make sure that her skill was still fragmented to allow room to grow. Not he assured me that everything was just FINE since her development was great, but as a mom, especially for the first time, it gets your mind racing and asking "What if?" Well, I tried to stay calm and brought her to the hospital to her her x-ray. OH MY GOODNESS, it was the WORST experience ever (haha until recently... I'll get to that one later.) Lexi would not stay still and I had to hold her down to keep her from moving. BOY, was this girl strong! haha Anyway, needless to say, her skull was just fine.
So my advice to moms out there, is that take what the doctor says with a grain of salt (unless it is really necessary and obvious that something is amiss. Knock on wood.) Of course being concerned and just to make sure is not a bad thing, but just try not to over think it and worry too much. Being a mom is stressful enough. I know the doctors are just doing their jobs, but sometimes it put a negative spin on things.
=o) I always stay positive and think to myself "Don't worry, Be happy!"

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