Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reuseable Wipe "Soap"/Cloth Diapers

Print Friendly and PDF So yesterday I was talking about how I use reuseable wipes. It's my contribution to a cleaner environment. I thought about doing the cloth diapers thing, but I decided against it. I have a friend who, with her second child, decided to try the cloth diapers.
  • Some pros that she mentioned were that she didn't need to use any diaper cream since the diapers didn't have any chemicals in them and obviously it kept costs down for diapers. 
  • Some con's were that it was really hard to use them traveling and increased amount of laundry. 
She also said that since she works from home and the babies are with her, it's easier to use cloth diapers. Sometimes daycares don't allow you to use cloth diapers there since it's more work for them (totally understandable!). These are all good points to bring up with the cloth diapers. But of course I didn't go with those diapers, but it would be a good choice for moms who stay or work from home.

Anyway, onto the "soap" I used for the reusable wipes. The first thing that I tried was to fold the wipes so that they pulled out like real wipes. I put some water in the wipes box along with soap and dunked the wipes in. You need to ring them out a little so that its not soaking wet. But after a while, I thought that keeping wet wipes (homemade ones) in the wipes box too long wouldn't be a good thing. The wipes didn't grow mold on them, but they started to have the slightest hint of a "wet dog" smell.

 So I tried to think of another way that I could get the wipes wet, but also not having them sit in the water. My solution was to put the "soap" solution in a spray bottle and spray Lexi's bottom and then wipe with the dry wipes. At first, it was a little weird that I was spraying my daughters bottom, and funny =o), but it was definitely the right way to go. I don't measure the components, but the ingredients are baby soap (any kind you like, just a little), baby oil (again any kind you like, on put a little in), and water. I would say approx. a tablespoon (or a few tablespoons) of the soap and oil, and fill the rest with water.

There are solutions that you can buy, but this works just as well. =o)

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