Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Natrual Wipes

Print Friendly and PDF I was so focused on sharing my baby food making adventures, that I totally forgot about something else that I do for Lexi.
When she was first born, in the hospital, diaper changing was great. She didn't have any diaper rash, and we had all the things we needed. As you all know, hospitals don't supply wipes anymore, you just use gauze and water. It did the job and that was all that we cared. As I said, Lexi's cute little butt was as clean and clear as a whistle.
We got home, and like every other parent, we used the wipes that you buy at the store. We chose to use Huggies natural care. This worked okay for a a few weeks, but one day, Lexi's bottom started to get a little red. Of course, being a new mom, had no idea what to think of it. I figured it was diaper rash, but it would go away if it kept an eye on it. Well it didn't. Also, it was summer and very humid. I, of course, wanted to be outside as much as possible. I didn't have her in too much clothes, but enough for me to feel comfortable that she wasn't going to get cold (being a newborn and all). This turned out to be a bad idea, going outside with too much clothes on. As my mom said "The diapers worked TOO well." It kept all the heat and moisture inside her diaper and created the prime conditions for diaper rash/heat rash.
Luckily being a newborn, Lexi went to the drs once a month. And lucky again, this was right around the time we were scheduled for a visit. During the regular exam, I asked the doctor to look at the reddness. She said it was irritation, but did not say it was diaper rash yet. She suggested that we switch to water and towels, face or hand towels, to clean Lexi for the time being. So we went ahead and started this regiment right away. You wouldn't believe how fast the reddness cleared up! I'm guessing Lexi's skin is just very sensitive to the chemicals in the wipes.  (I will go into chemicals and other stuff in things you use everyday, at a later time. I need to do more research into the best products to use, especially for baby.)
After that experience with the wipes, I decided to just get rid of using wipes during her diaper changes. I looked online and found that there were reusable wipes. Jackpot! I bought a few different kinds, but ended up sticking with Grovia wipes. 
GroVia Cotton Cloth Wipes, 12 count

I like these because they are, white (so hopefully no chemicals for dying), and they are soft. Also there are 12 in a pack. I bought three.

The other two I bought were:

BabyKicks 10 Pack Baby Wipes, Colors May Vary
Thirsties Fab Wipes 6 Pack and Booty Luster 4 oz with Dainty Baby Reusable Bag Bundle

These both are okay, but baby kicks are a little rough, and the thirsties are soft, but expensive.  I did not get the spray included in the picture.

Anyway, this is getting a little long, so I will talk about the way I use the wipes (i.e. make them wet) in the next post.


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