Friday, April 13, 2012

Buying Premade Baby food

Print Friendly and PDF So this post isn't going to be able making baby food, but actually buying it in the stores. Lexi, just in the past few weeks, has decided that she doesn't want mommy to feed her any more. Of course that meant that she wasn't eating the food I made for her either. I tried to put it on toast (spread it like jelly), or coating pasta, mixed with rice, everything and yet she still didn't want to eat it. My last resort was to buy some pre-made food from the store. I was totally against doing this, but when I looked (in Target), there was actually a lot of different kinds, and organic ones too. I was drawn to the ones that were in pouches rather than in the jar (since Lexi didn't want me feeding her anyway it wouldn't have made a difference). The pouches were a great idea, I thought, because Lexi could "feed" herself and she was getting good fruits and veggies. (Since she was only eating her snacks, milk, and bread) At this moment, I didn't buy any, but it was in the back of my mind.
This past Easter weekend, my mother-in-law gave Lexi an Easter basket that had these food pouches in them (as opposed to candy..=o)) And I thought, "Great! If I was going to try giving this food to Lexi, now is the time." So when we got home, I read the ingredients, which was just the fruits and veggies labeled on the front (organic) and organic lemon juice. So I thought, Okay, this seems okay. The brand that I used was Ella's Kitchen. (Click on the link to go to their website) As I said, you can find this at Target. {below is one of the pouches, I think you can also attach a spoon to the end.]

Lucky for me, THEY WERE A HIT! Lexi finished one pouch in about a day and a half (you can store them in the fridge for 48 hrs after opening). I was so relieved.

Okay, now the REAL reason I brought this up. My mom had a great idea that you could reuse the pouches and fill them with the baby food that you made, and poof! you have a easily portable homemade babyfood in a pouch! You can rinse out the pouch when it's done, just by putting water in and shaking it till the water is clear. Then to get your baby food in, I would fill a pastry bag (or ziploc bag) with your baby food, cut a SMALL hole in one end (just as if you were going to frost a cupcake or cake) and squeeze the baby food in the pouch (you can relabel the pouch if you want) and freeze it until you want to use it.
I have not tried this yet, but I thought it was such a great idea that I needed to share it! =o)
If you do try it, Let me know how it goes!! =o)


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