Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Print Friendly and PDF So one day I was thinking about making some honeydew for Lexi to eat. So I went to the store and started to try and choose one. They just happened to not be good that day. I was about to abandon the idea, and then I found something called a melorange. I was thinking... "What is this?" So I googled it on my phone and it came up that it was like a cantaloupe, but it was sweeter. And I thought, great! Personally, I don't really like cantaloupe anyway since its not that sweet and juicy. I bought and and figured I'd give it a try. I started to make Lexi her food, and I tried a piece of it just to make sure. It was pretty good.

So this is how I made it: (I think this is okay for all types of melon as well)

Melon (melorange)

  • Cut up the melon into small pieces. They don't need to be too small, but not too big. 
  • Get a medium sized pot of water ready with it about 1/2 was full.
  • Cook the pieces for just  a few minutes, until tender but not mushy. (Like you can squeeze it without it falling apart.)
  • Put the pieces in the food processor and puree to desired consistency.
  • Put into ice trays and freeze. 

Lexi actually liked them! =o) But she still preferred that I mixed her fruit and veggies together.

I was going to try and make nectarines and peaches for Lexi, but it wasn't the season to make them, so I haven't actually given them to her yet! Since she's almost a year old (OMG!) I don't think I need to really make the "baby food". So I won't be writing about those fruits since I didn't have any experience with them. Though, I wish I had! =o)
I'm sure the process is very similar to making melon, just blanching the fruit a little to make it softer.

=o) "Happy Cooking!" as Jacques Pepin says!


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