Sunday, January 27, 2013

Braid Headband

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I am really into head bands right now, but sometimes with my bangs they tend to slide off of my head. (REALLY annoying =o)). And then I saw this video for a really cool idea for a "headband" made with your own hair. And, NO,  you don't cut your hair and make a headband. =o)
This is what it looked like when I did it.

If you watch the video, I did not pull out the braid to make it flat (pancake braid), or curl my hair. I just didn't have time to in the morning.
She also bobby pinned the braids on the outside of her hair. I thought that it looked a little too messy, so I tucked the ends underneath some hair and then bobby pinned them to make it to make it really look like a headband. =o)

=o) Enjoy.

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