Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cross-Braid Sock Bun

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I LOVE the bun right now, and I know that everyone does too! It is such a cute change to the boring pony tail. Whil surfing through my favorite channels on youtube, I found this AWESOME easy bun/braid combo.
It also showed me a new way to do the sock bun, which this way is SO much easier. The only thing is that I have really long hair and a lot of it, so I did have a lot left over. I did the same thing Mindy did in the video, wrapped it around the hair. It just looked a little poofier around the bottom.
Well here is what it looked like when I did it.
I just added a little yellow flower in the front because I thought it just needed something a little more. And plus, its winter and I needed some happy spring feelings.. =o)

And here is the video! =o) Happy Hair!

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