Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby girl bow holder

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I saw this really cute idea for a bow holder on Pinterest. There weren't much directions so I just guessed at what they did. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions! =o)

What you need:
1. Picture frame (the one I used holds an 8 x10 picture).
2. 3/4 in. Ribbon
3. Decorations (I found some scrap book stickers)
4. Staple gun (the wood to my frame was very hard and luckily my husband had one)
5. Rubber cement (to help the stickers stay on the frame. This is the glue I highly recommend using, it dries clear and sticks well. The other option is super glue. Don't use craft or wood glue if the frame is a glossed finished frame.)
6. Scissors
7. Tape


Remove the glass and backing from the picture frame. You should be left with just the frame.

I started to measure the length of the open space which was 10 inches, and since I wanted four strips, I marked down every two inches.

Each ribbon I cut was about 11.5 inches long. That way I had enough to fold over so that the ends would fray.

I taped the ends in on both sides so they wouldn't fray.
Then, with the help of my husband, I stapled the ribbon onto the picture frame.
I placed each ribbon in the middle of the lines I drew previously at each 2 inch mark.This is what it looks like from the back.

This is what it looks like from the front. Noe it's time to decorate as you'd like. =o) This is the fun part!!!                             

And this is the final look. Simple, but beautiful!!! The strips on the side are borders for scrapbooking. I glued two different ones together. The other decorations are stickers, but I needed to use rubber cement because they wouldn't stick to the glossed frame. I also will add some ribbon to the top so that I can tie it in a bow and hang it. You can also use picture frame holders.

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