Friday, February 22, 2013

Unique 4 Strand Braid (Braid in Braid)

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I am always on the hunt for cool side ponytail/braid hairstyles, especially in the winter when my hair gets REALLY static y from the dry heat. A plain braid gets boring real fast if you do it everyday. So this was as nice change to the usual.
I wrapped my ponytail holder with my hair and used a topsy turvy ponytail tool to pull the hair back into the ponytail. I will also add the video from bebexoxo since I got the tip from her. 
Wrapped Ponytail Video

My hair ended up coming out a little throughout the day since I have layers. (I totally regret getting them cut so short... but all I can do now is grow them out. =o)) I got a lot of compliments though!

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