Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sock Curls

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I am totally on a no heat curling hair streak! =o)

Since doing the cocoon curls, I had really high hopes for no heat curling techniques. I have not perfected the cocoon curls yet, but I thought I would give another technique a try. And searching through youtube, I found SOCK curls!!! haha...Who knew that socks had more purpose than keeping your toes warm!
They are SUPER easy, and who doesn't have socks just lying around! =o) I was going to use my husbands socks, but then I thought about where those socks have been! Ewww.....Even clean I hate touching them, and putting them in my hair was a big NO, NO! But luckily, I have a few pairs of tube socks (thin ones). You really want to use socks that aren't too thick and long enough so that you can tie. 

So here is a picture of my hair all done right before I went to bed.
 And this is the picture after I woke up, took a shower, and changed.
 Now onto the unveiling!

 This is after I "tuffed" it out a little bit pulled some of the curls apart. I also put a barrette in because my hair was SO poofy!

Why can't I have curls like this all the time?!?
This is what my hair looked liked when I got home. My curls did fall, curse my straight Asian hair =o), but it did keep nice waves. Just they aren't the fun curls I had this morning. But it is Winter and my hair gets SUPER staticy, so it got really annoying during the day. Playing with it all day really didn't help either. =o)

Sad face...

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