Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cocoon curls!

Print Friendly and PDF I was browsing through YouTube and came across some tutorials for creating curls without heat! Now I thought that this was a brilliant idea!!! I hate using too much heat on my hair and the curls never stay. Since I am Asian, I have pin straight hair. And of course, always wanted curly hair.
So I found this tutorial for cocoon curls. Interesting I thought, what does that mean??? So I click on the video and watched. It was very interesting but easy. You don't need anything except your hair, and water!

I will link to the video later.

I figured, what do I have to lose? I might as well give it a shot! So I did! I actually slept in them over night to ensure that my hair would curl.
The next morning I took the cocoons out and examined the curls. The curls were cute, but they weren't consistent. Some were big, some were smaller, but surprisingly it worked!
I don't have pictures font day 1, but I do have pictures from day 2!
Now also keep in mind that I have been playing with the hair for two days, I brushed it, put it in a pony tail, and had it in a sock bun today. I would have never guessed that my hair would still be curly!!!!
Who would have figured that this no heat/ product method would work so much better than any heating tool?!?!? And not to mention so much healthier!!!
I'm going to try using spiral curlers sometime this week, whenever they come in. To see maybe those curls will be a little more consistent. ;)

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