Monday, April 15, 2013

Elmo Pull Apart Cupcake Cake

Print Friendly and PDF As I mentioned on Friday, it was my daughters Second birthday on Sunday. Her party was on Saturday! =o) It was a blast! The theme was Elmo since she has been totally obsessed with him. She has never seen an episode of Sesame Street, so I have no idea where she got his name from. =o)
I was busy making cupcakes for her party Saturday morning. I really don't like using cake mix, so I do everything from scratch. The cupcake recipes will be coming shortly. =o)
But since I made the pull apart cupcake cake, I figured that it would satisfy the Crafting Monday criteria. =o)

Elmo Pull Apart Cupcake Cake:

1) Orange, White, and Black Edible Decorating Paper (Sugar Sheets; I didn't buy fondant because it was too expensive and I didn't need a lot.  Everyone took it off anyway, so I'm glad I didn't spend a lot of money on the decorations. I bought these at Michaels, but here is a link to them on Amazon. Amazon: Sugar Sheets)
2) GEL food coloring: Red (Amazon: Gel Coloring)
3) 18 Cupcakes (At least this many, whatever flavor you want. I made chocolate and funfetti)
4) Foam poster board or a stable strong surface to place cupcakes on. (This needs to be able to hold all 18 cupcakes if you are planning on transporting it. )
5) Stencil and cupcake formation images. (Included on the bottom of the post.)

1) Make the cupcakes. Let them cool.
2) Mix the gel food coloring into the WHITE icing until desired red color.
3) Cut out shapes from sugar sheets.
4) Place cupcakes on poster board in correct formation. Put a little bit of frosting on the bottom of each so that they don't slide around.
5) Cover the entire area of the cupcakes with the red frosting. You can either pipe it on with a star tip or swirl it around with a spreading knife to make it look like fur.
6) Place the pupils on the eyes using a little bit of icing to hold in place.
7) Place the parts onto the cupcakes.
8) And you should have an Elmo face pull apart cupcake cake.


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