Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stacked Waterfall Braid Side Braid

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So one day for work, I put my hair in a waterfall braid. But since it was winter my hair got really static-y and it was starting to get really annoying. Luckily I had a spare hairband in my purse so I braided the rest of my hair into a dutch braid. 
This hairstyle is pretty simple if you already know how to do a waterfall braid and a dutch braid. It is pretty much starting with the waterfall braid, then with the hair that's not in the current braid, you make a dutch braid and braid all the way down. =o) Simple and Chic. =o)
This is what it looked like right after I did the second braid.

The braids started to look a little more messy when I got home, but still in tacked. =o)

There was no video that I could find for this hairstyle, but as I said it is pretty easy, Start with the waterfall braid, then use the hair that is down and braid a dutch braid. =o) Have fun!

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