Monday, April 8, 2013

Wine/Beer Bottle Center Pieces

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My sister-in-laws bridal shower is coming up at the end of April and the bridesmaids and I decided on a last minute center piece idea. I originally was going to make center pieces with cake pops that we are getting. (Link to her site: From Cake Pops by Gina) But since we plan on giving the center pieces away, it was easier to have a different center piece.

I wanted something inexpensive, classy, rustic, and simple.

So I have been looking through Pinterest, and I found some awesome ideas with wine bottles. Now my dilemma is that I don't really drink wine or beer much at home. But luckily I have lots of friends who do drink wine and a husband who drinks beer! =o) I helped a little with the beer, but I can't thank everyone enough! =o)

I combined a few ideas I saw on Pinterest to make what I wanted. =o)


3 Bottles (One Large wine, One Medium Wine, One Beer)
1 Can of Frosting Spray Paint
1 Can of Lacquer
1.5 in Ribbon (Various colors)
.75 in Ribbon (Various colors)
Rubber bands
1 to 1.5 in pieces of wood (Make sure to spray the lacquer on the wood before you use it!)
Chalk board Picks
Burlap (I found some at Michaels and it was labeled as a burlap table runner)
Hot glue gun and glue
Gorilla glue
Fake or Real flowers
Any decorations that you want

Rubber bands, laquer, frosting spray, and ribbon
Side view of the wood piece. Luckily my husband just cut some of the wood we had in the backyard.
Top view of the wood
Chalkboard Picks I found at Michaels in the bridal department
The burlap I found and the fake flower I used on the bottles
First: You have a to soak the bottles in soapy HOT water for at least 15 minutes to get the labels and glue wet and slippery.  Then I used a sponge (the rough side) and rubbed the labels and glue off.

Second: Spray the Medium Wine bottle and the Beer bottle with the Frosting Spray.

I put rubber bands around the beer bottle to create a different effect.
What it looks like after you spray and take the rubber bands off.
 Third:Cut some Burlap and take the Large wine bottle and cover it. Put a rubber band around the top to secure the burlap around the wine bottle.

Fourth: Cover the rubber band with ribbon, cut to size.

 Glue the end piece onto the burlap.

Cover the rubber band and glue the other end.

Fifth: Take the Gerber Daisy (Or whatever flower you chose) and only use the flower portion, not the stem. Hot glue that onto the seam of the ribbon to cover it.

I matched the ribbon with the flower. =o)
 Sixth: Tie ribbon around the Medium wine bottle by twisting it around three times.

I glued the knot in the back, then cut off the excess and glued the ends down.

Seventh: Choose the arrangement you want and glue the bottles down to the wood. I put a circle of Gorilla glue on the bottom of each and also a circle of hot glue where I wanted the bottles to go. Then when the bottles were on the wood, I put glue around the bottom to seal the bottle to the wood. 
You can see I put hot glue in the space left between the bottle and the wood to ensure that it stayed in place.
Finally: Put the fake/real flowers in the wine bottles and insert the chalkboard pick. (This is left up to the crafters creativity and imagination. I didn't want the piece to be too busy so I chose simple neutral flowers.)

Enjoy! =o) I can't wait to see what people think of this. =o)

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  1. Seriously these are incredible Min! You are so sweet for making these for the bridal shower :-)