Friday, March 8, 2013

3 Braided Buns

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Here is a braided hair style that I found on Pintrest. I thought it was really cute and simple, but yet keeping all the hair out of my face. As I have mentioned before, the winter takes a real toll on my hair. It makes it static y from my jacket, dry heat, scarves, etc.

Here is the link for where I got the idea: Braided Buns

It is REALLY simple.
Step 1: Start with three ponytails right underneath each other. (You can make more if you'd like. I just stuck with three.)

Step 2: Take each pony tail and braid each one. Then I started to put the top braid into a bun. Pin in place.
Try to make it as flat as possible otherwise it is too high.

Step 3: Continue putting the other braids in buns in the same fashion that you did with the first one. Pin the other buns in place and spray hair spray where necessary.

And that's all folks! =o)


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