Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY Fold Over Clutch

Print Friendly and PDF Crafting Monday was a BUSY one!!!

Navy Blue Clutch that I made
My co-worker brought my attention to this cute idea. DIY fold over clutch. We looked at the directions and thought to ourselves, "That doesn't look bad!" FYI, It looks deceptively easy.
I mean it wasn't THAT bad, but boy did I get frustrated. It also didn't help that my sister is NOT an experienced sewer at all, so on top of trying to figure this craft out, I had to teach her how to sew.
I decided to use the tutorial that had a liner in it because I thought it looked better. And who doesn't like a purse that has an awesome liner?

Here is the link to the tutorial I used: DIY Fold Over Clutch

Her directions were pretty good, but there were some parts that you had to figure out.
For example, trying to get the sides near the zipper closed, I couldn't use the sewing machine. So there is some hand sewing in this project!

Here are some tips that I came across that she didn't mention:
1) Get a leather needle for your sewing machine AND for hand sewing.
2) Make sure you know the basics of using a sewing machine otherwise it will be a disaster.
3) Get AT LEAST 1/2 yard of fabric. (I got a full yard just in case. The "leather" I bought was for upholstery. It was labeled at vinyl.
4) The liner does not have to be lining fabric, it can be anything you want. I would stay away from slippery fabric. I think we got ours from the linen section.  

This is a better pictures of the lining I picked.

This is the clutch that my sister made. It is black with...
A turquoise flower lining.

I hope that you guys have fun  making this!!! I can't say that the whole time was fun, but it was exciting to see how it turned out. I will be making the same one my sister made on another day. =o)

Happy Crafting!!!

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