Monday, March 4, 2013

Turquoise Necklace

Print Friendly and PDF I haven't beaded necklaces for a while because I was fresh out of ideas. Since I got my new iPhone 5 last fall, it has made going on Pinterest so much easier! I definitely spend A LOT of time on it! =o)
Anyway, I came across the CUTEST necklace! I am totally in love with this turquoise-esque color! And the best part was that it came with DIRECTIONS on how to make it!!!

Here is the link: Pinterest Necklace

So I didn't quite follow the directions exactly since I couldn't find the same exact beads. Mine were a little bigger, but I also made a longer necklace.

Things I changed:
  1. Bigger beads: The bead diameter was a little smaller than 1/4". I fit 50 beads on each single strand of wire.
  2. I used two colors. Turquoise and a Dark turquoise (I'm not sure what to call the color, but you can see it in the picture).
  3. I beaded the wire strings to about 11.25" instead of the 5.5" the directions say. So I would cut about 15" to 20" of wire instead of the 10".
  4. And the chain total was about 9.25" long. I wanted the necklace to be closer to my neck instead of dangling down.
  5. I used a lobster claw clasp rather than the clasp shown in the picture. (The person noted at the bottom that she ended up changing the clasp anyway.)
I think that is all I changed. =o)

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