Monday, March 18, 2013

Crafting Monday

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I'm sorry I don't have a post for today. I have been SUPER busy all weekend, and today.
My morning started with Lexi NOT wanting to wear the dress I picked out for her. (Crying up a storm and refusing to put her clothes on... yay...)
Work was good, thank goodness my students were great today! =o)
Then I had to do 2 hours of home instruction, which also went great!
Afterwards I came home (got home at 5:40), made dinner, ate dinner.
Played with Lexi for 10 mins, then put her down to bed.
And, WHEW, what a day....
So that leaves me enough time to create a quiz for Wednesday, and check homework.

I promise that I will have a craft next week! Since we have spring break next week I will be doing some crafting with a co-worker! yay!

So please stay tuned for next week for a new craft, and Wednesday for a new RECIPE! =o)

Thanks everyone for reading.

Oh, and if you find an awesome craft that you want to see made, please let me know! I will try and see if I can make test it out for you! =o)

Leave me a comment or some ideas!

<3 Minide

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