Saturday, March 23, 2013

Milkmaid Braid

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Here is another great way to put your hair up when a) you don't want to wear it down and b) if you are having a bad hair day. 
Since I wash my hair every other day or every two days (depending on how my hair is the second day.), it is nice to put it up the day I don't wash my hair since hair styles stay munch better when the hair is a little dirty. 

If you need a dutch braid refresher, I posted a good tutorial a while ago. 
Here is the link to it.

This hairstyle is pretty simple. So give it a TRY!! =o)

1) You start with two dutch braids. You braid them all the way as if you were going to have two dutch braid pig tails.
2) Take the braided ends and pin them to your head however you'd like. I went for a braided bun type look . Add in any accessories, and boom, your done. =o)
3) You are ready to conquer the day! That was easy. =o)

Side Profile

Other side

Closer shot of the "bun"

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