Saturday, March 2, 2013

Five (5) Strand Braid

Print Friendly and PDF Hey everyone!! I am SO sorry about the delay in my Friday DIY hair post! We had an unexpected friend get together (which was so much fun!), and I forgot to post! You know how life is! Well to make it up I will post another one tomorrow as well. =o)

As you know I love side braids!
Here is another variation to it.
This is the five strand braid. It kind of looks like basketweaving! haha...And it also feels like it while you are braiding.Since my hair is layered (I am totally regretting that idea to cut it like that a few months ago... =o)) the braid started to come out during the day. But it was still super cute! =o)
Have fun braiding!
Here it was mine looked like at the BEGINNING of the day =o).


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